What Customers are saying about Maug Cleaning Service

  • Thank you so much to the crew who cleaned our house last week...you exceeded all our expectations. Everything from windows to the microwave was spotless! This was our first professional cleaning and I gotta tell you, there is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great. I highly recommend Maug cleaning!
    Aubre Walther
  • We have been customers of Maug Cleaning for over 2 years. We have a very busy and lived in home with 4 children and 2 working parents. Each time Cathy and others come to clean, I am amazed at how thorough and efficient they are. Our home is transformed. I really look forward to those days!! All of Becky's employees are polite and professional. I feel very comfortable having them in our home. Thank you to everyone!

    Aveen Banich
  • I have used Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. for several years, beginning when my job was very demanding of my time. Initially they came in and cleaned everything from top to bottom. Since then they come weekly to clean and maintain, doing extra things when I am having company or a party. My job has changed, but I continue with them, enjoying the ability to use my free time to do other things. Becky has been very flexible and accommodating and the staff are friendly and efficient, anticipating what needs to be done in our home. They frequently ask for feedback, whether things look alright or if there is anything I want done. What a treat to come home every Thursday to a clean and sparkling house! I have been very happy with the work done in my home and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

    Becky Ihle
  • Simply the best cleaning I have ever had!

    Betsy Kell
  • I have used Maug Cleaning for a number of years. Every one I have had in my home is professional, on time, thorough, respectful of property, and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.

    Bette Wahl
  • In my experience, Becky Maug's staff are meticulous, utterly trustworthy, and extensively trained. When they leave my home every surface has been cleansed, from ceiling to floor. They are always happy to assist with any extraordinary task upon request. They are eager to take initiative, ever professional, and always respectful of me and my home. They like their jobs, laugh a lot, and treat me as king of my castle. What a pleasure!
    Bill Smith
  • Our business gives Maug Cleaning company 5 stars. What a wonderful company to work with. The are pleasant to speak with, very accommodating to our work schedule, and have a fantastic crew. There work leaves our facility looking and feeling very clean!
    Carmen Krueger
  • We have been very satisfied and pleased with the quality of work that is done by Becky's staff in our home. We can always count on them to come when they say they will come, and know our home will be cleaned to our satisfaction and beyond. They do an exceptional job in the bathrooms and the grout is cleaner than it has ever been. The staff is very pleasant and completely trustworthy. I am grateful for the peace of mind that comes from working with this reliable, thorough and honest team.

    Christie Blink
  • Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. has been keeping my house cleaned for 10 years or more. Everyone who has been in my home is honest, trustworthy, and deal with our dogs as if they were their own!! They do a thorough job and gladly do extra areas if you need them to. They are flexible and are able to come an extra time if you're having guests over/entertaining. I would highly recommend Becky's housekeepers if you're in need.

    Cindy Frederikson
  • Our office has used Maug Cleaning for 10+ years and they've always done a great job and super reliable. We consistently get the same employees and they're very good at communicating with us. I would highly recommend them.
    Cindy Obrien
  • We have utilized the cleaning services from Becky Maug and her team for over five years! They do an amazing job of cleaning! However, more important than all the little extras that they do, I never think twice about the safety of our home!

    Clara J. Nohre
  • I have used Maug Cleaning for both my home and houses purchased to flip. It's not only the Energizer Bunny like work ethic that the crew had, but the attention to detail was simply phenomenal. There were areas cleaned that I didn't know existed!
    I give much of the credit for quick flips to the fact that potential buyers were blown away at the cleanliness of the homes. The price is more than fair for what you get.
    Many thanks!!
    Dale Olson
  • I have had Maug Cleaning, Inc. clean my home & windows for 5 years. They do a wonderful job and would recommend their work to anyone. Very friendly and courteous staff. Always let me know ahead of time when they plan on coming and have always been on time. Great company with wonderful employees.
    Dan Esser
  • Upon moving to Eau Claire, we were very fortunate to find Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. who has provided an outstanding service cleaning our home. All her employees are very personable, honest and reliable providing consistent excellent service. The administration does a fabulous job communicating with us on a timely manner in an effort to improve service and satisfaction. We would recommend Becky and her company without hesitation; we love having them in our home.

    Daniella & Arturo Valverde Eau Claire, WI
  • We started using Becky Maug Cleaning when we opened our office in Eau Claire in 2007. The office space had not been cleaned for some time before we moved in and Becky's staff did an amazing job of cleaning the office. We even had another vendor ask us who cleaned our office because they were so impressed with the work. We continue to use Becky Maug Cleaning on a regular schedule and will continue to do so!

    Darrel Zaleski
  • Becky's employees are doing an excellent job. They are honest and trustworthy and do not hesitate to do the extra work when needed.

    David S. Donnellan
  • I have been extremely pleased with the home cleaning services provided by Maug Cleaning. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to treat themselves to having their house thoroughly cleaned or if they are in need of house cleaning on an on-going basis.
    Donna Murr
  • As a customer of Becky Maug Cleaning, I’ve been very pleased over the many years I’ve had their service. Becky Maug Cleaning has been a reliable  cleaning company and I am very impressed with the workers cleaning abilities as well as their friendly personalities. I would highly recommend Becky Maug Cleaning to anyone.
    Dorothy Dake
  • You and your staff have been doing our cleaning for many many years. During that time the job has always been done superbly, professionally and by friendly ladies. Thank you.

    Dr. Jack & Barbara Bowen
  • I have utilized Maug Cleaning, Inc. multiple times for Residential carpet cleaning at our home in Osseo. I highly recommend Maug Cleaning, Inc. for their services! Their work and results for our cleaning needs has been outstanding. They are always timely to our needs and the Ownership and Staff are highly dedicated to service and quality for their clients. I continue to utilize Maug Cleaning, Inc. when the need arises and I do not hesitate to refer Maug Cleaning, Inc. to others.
    Eric Rogness
  • It is with great enthusiasm that I always recommend Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. to anyone looking for professional cleaning help. I was impressed right from the start when Ms. Maug first walked through our apartment community and gave me a detailed worksheet of her recommendations and pricing. Ever since her crew began working here, whether in the common areas of our two senior apartment communities, or in vacant apartments being made ready for a new resident, they have always done an excellent job. They are reliable, work efficiently, are very detail oriented, with sparkling results. Most important of all, our residents could not be happier!

    Ginny Close, Manager Oakwood Homes Apartments
  • I have used Becky Maug's cleaning service for over six years and could not be more satisfied. The two women who come to my house every week are friendly and proficient cleaners who get right to work and don't stop until the job is done. I am completely comfortable leaving the house while Becky's employees are there, because it is just so obvious that they are decent, honest people. Becky and her employees have accommodated every special request I have ever asked of them. I intend to stay with Becky for as long as I need house cleaning (forever!).

    Jane O'Brien
  • Maug employees know how to clean! They did a thorough job in my home and have my wood floors looking beautiful.
    Janet Frase
  • Excellent service and friendly, professional crews. They worked us into their schedule quickly. Windows washed inside and out in the dead of winter. Oven spotless, blinds cleaned, and every nook and cranny gone over by hand with a toothbrush. Would recommend without hesitation.
    Janice Conti
  • Becky and her staff have been excellent to work with. They have cleaned our offices for the past 10+ years, wherever we are located. The staff is very professional and the service is wonderful. The quality of work is well worth the value. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a great cleaning service for their offices.

    Jenny Gostomski APEX Engineering
  • If you are looking for a cleaning service that is trustworthy, friendly and reliable, you want Maug Cleaning, Inc. In the decades of my interior design career, I have dealt professionally with numerous residential cleaning companies. Maug Cleaning is considered to be elite in their customer service,
    responsiveness and communication. Not only am I on their rotation for cleaning my own home, I also use them for my clients’ homes. The team of Maug also does thorough duct cleaning, windows and exterior siding. I recommend setting your home maintenance schedule on all the services they provide. Working long hours and dealing with how hectic everyday life can be, coming home after the Maug team has been there is priceless to me. I am very happy and satisfied with my relationship with Maug, Inc.
  • Maug Cleaning has been a God send to me and my family. In October of this last year I gave birth to my third son. There were a number of complications and I needed extra help at home. Just one call to Becky and I had the help needed to allow me to rest and get back on my feet. Now I am back to work, and love the fact that cleaning our home is not something I need to worry about. The ladies who come to our home are exceptional cleaners, and wonderful people who have become part of our extended family. I truly don't know what I would do without them.

  • I have been with Maug Cleaning for 8 or 9 years. I think they are the best cleaning service around. In the years I been with them I had nothing but the best job done.
    John A. Melby
  • Maug Cleaning has been cleaning our personal residence and home office for several years. We have an exceptional working relationship with  Becky Maug and her staff. They continually complete all work requested, adhere to specific needs, very flexible with my schedule and are extremely detailed. Their staff members have always been dependable, consistent, professional, as well as personable. If you are seeking a cleaning  contractor, I highly recommend Maug Cleaning. We found them to be the BEST of the cleaning services in the Chippewa Valley area.
    Judi Malone
  • Exceptional service is what you can expect when you work with Becky and her team. As a commercial property manager I had an opportunity to receive a janitorial proposal from Becky for one of the properties I manage. That was 12 years ago and since that time our relationship has grown from one commercial property to five. The feedback we now receive from the tenants in those buildings is high and shows a great satisfaction with the janitorial services they are now receiving. Becky and her team are proficient and provide a level of service that surpasses the service of many other janitorial contractors.

    Karen Meier-Tomesh, Property Manager Commonweal Development Corp.
  • I am a working mother with a busy 4-member, 2 dog family that has relied on Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. to maintain a clean home for at least three years. The gals from Becky Maug Cleaning have consistently done a thorough job that has exceeded the results of previous cleaning services. Becky Maug Cleaning has been flexible with our work, vacation and special occasion schedules. The quality staff has always been trustworthy and friendly. With this satisfaction at home, I have employed Becky Maug Cleaning at my professional office. I look forward to coming home to a fresh, clean house each week!

    Karla Schlimgen
  • I was blown away to come home and find my house not just spotless and sparkly clean, but also smelling wonderful. They went beyond what I expected from a home cleaning service.
    From my initial contact with Maug Cleaning the process has been care free and easy. They really care and listen to what you want, and how you want your home treated down to every little detail. I like how they walk through your house too when you first meet with them, and in each room I was told what would be done. I found this very helpful and worthwhile to know ahead of time what exactly they will be doing and what I will be paying for. They were very helpful too with all my questions and concerns. Very impressed and I would recommend this business to anyone!
    Katelyn Smith
  • My family has used Maug Cleaning, Inc. for our residential cleaning needs for our home. The level of detail and personal touches are always greatly appreciated. We have also used their window cleaning and carpet and upholstery services as well. We had great success with their services as well. We will continue to use their services in the future.
    Kelli Holty
  • Becky Maug's cleaning has been a refreshing change from previous cleaning services. Their follow through on tough cleaning demands have been impressive! Keep up the great work!

    Kim Myers, Human Resource Director CURT Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. has provided TCC its services for several years. Our offices are always cleaned to our specifications and we have confidence in them to show up when scheduled and get the job done. Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. is exceptional.

    Kris Husby, Office Manager Tri-County Communications Cooperative, Inc.
  • We have been fortunate to have Maug Cleaning Service since we moved into our new home in 2003. Everyone that has come to clean has been professional, friendly, and of the utmost integrity. Sometimes, because of travel, we have had to rearrange our cleaning schedule. Becky and her staff have always been understanding, flexible, and dependable. I would recommend this cleaning service without reservation. Anyone would be lucky to have them!

    Leann Breed
  • All I have to say is Maug Cleaning is most reliable, careful, responsible and friendly. I have had them cleaning my home for 3 years and I highly recommend Becky Maug Cleaning to anyone who wants a professional job done and done right the first time and every time.

    Marion Phillips
  • I have used Becky Maug's Cleaning services for nearly 3 years. They continue to be reliable, trustworthy, detail-oriented cleaners who see things that need to be done even before I do. They are always on time, in any kind of weather. I am either out of the house when they are working or they seem to adapt and work around me if I am there. They have a very good system when they are at my home and work with purpose and intent every time. They make an effort to always satisfy the homeowner.

    Mary Swanson
  • J&D Manufacturing has been using Becky Maug Cleaning, Inc. for about 1 1/2 months. In the time Becky and her crew have been here we have seen a vast improvement to the cleanliness of our facility. They find every nook and cranny and make sure it's clean. There is nothing her crew isn't willing to do to help out and they are very accommodating to our needs. Becky and her staff are also very friendly and professional. I would recommend their services to other businesses.

    Michelle Lien Eau Claire, WI
  • I have had either residence and my office building cleaned by Maug Cleaning for several years. They do a fantastic job! They are trustworthy, reliable, timely and courteous. I would highly recommend them for any of your cleaning needs.

    Pamela J. Vieth Attorney at Law
  • For almost five years now, ever since we moved into our new home, we have relied on the Becky Maug Cleaning service to keep our home in pristine condition. The women work fast, are dependable, knowledgeable and care about their work. We highly recommend the Becky Maug Cleaning Service.

    Peter and Martha Whites
  • We have found that the cleaning ladies from Maug Cleaning not only do a marvelous job, but they are respectful, friendly, willing to accommodate date changes, and are always willing to go the extra mile.

    Roy Fuerstenberg, President/CEO Documation LLC
  • Becky Maug Cleaning Inc. is fantastic. Becky is always professional and a delight to work with. Her personnel are also terrific and reflect her good leadership and skill. The cleaning is well done and the service is most reliable. I have the utmost trust and respect for all the workers and for Becky. I have been extremely satisfied with the staff and the quality for almost 15 years.

    A great service done by reliable people in a quality way.

  • Awesome cleaners! We hired them for our seasonal business and they went above and beyond for us. They exceeded our expectations and our rental home was always clean and perfect for our guests. We are so fortunate to have them working for us!
    Shelley Janke
  • The Emphasis is on Customer service. When we first started with Maug Cleaning in March of 2008 I didn't know what to expect. We had always used an employee who needed the extra money to clean our offices after hours. As we've grown and the employee traffic increased it just wasn't cutting it.

    When visiting WIPFLi's offices I noticed the place was always clean and neat. Their entry way was always free of sand and the glass doors smudge-free. I asked the receptionist which cleaning service they used and she gave me Becky's name.

    Becky made a visit and suggested we start with a good thorough cleaning. We agreed on a checklist for service. We haven't had to reference the checklist since then. Our business looks great!

    Shortly after we started with Maug Cleaning, Becky's son Travis started to clean our business. Travis is always pleasant and wants to make sure we are happy. And yes he does windows! We have been extremely happy.

    Suzanne Bast, Vice-President/Treasurer Student Transit - Eau Claire Inc.
  • Thank you Maug Cleaning for going above and beyond to make sure our office is consistently clean. Your staff is professional and friendly with great attention to detail. We are grateful for all you do.
    Suzanne Becker, Assistant Director - Feed My People Food Bank